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Inspiration for your Pixum Photo Calendar

Here you'll find tips and tricks on how to easily design unique and creative Pixum Photo Calendars.

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How to you design your own layout of your Pixum Photo Calendar

To make sure your calendar is its own unique creation, it is important to find the ideal balance between calendar, photos and text elements. After all, they are not supposed to be competing with one another, but rather work together to create an amazing piece.

The perfect use of photos in Pixum Photo Calendars

You can add as many pictures as you like to your Pixum Photo Calendar. However, you should not use the photos for the sake of it. Instead, put some thought into it and underline the effect of your calendar. Therefore, consider how it should look in advance:

  • good photos, yes, but the calendar is the key element
  • select beautiful and meaningful photos to catch your attention
  • for lots and lots of pictures, you can put the calendar in the background

The variant that is most suitable for your needs depends entirely on how you want to use the calendar. If, for example, you would like to give the grandparents a calendar with photos of the grandchildren, the main element will be in the photos. If your Pixum Photo Calendar is being set next to a family planner in the kitchen, then the calendar is significantly more important.

Make it easy: use the Pixum layout options

With Pixum, you do not have to insert all photos and text elements manually. The Pixum Online Editor gives you the option to use pre-designed templates. Click on "Select Layout" below the editing area and choose your desired layout, for example with only one photo in the centre, a collage of several images or a prominently placed text field. In addition, the layout templates contain differently designed calendars, some are very small and subtle designs, and others feature a big star in the centre of the calendar.

Did you know that you can change the layout templates according to your preferences? For example, you can add more text boxes and photos, or change the background colour with a quick mouse click.

Pixum tip

Even when you use the Pixum Pixum Photo World software instead of the online editor, you can still make use of a huge selection of layout templates.