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Creating calendar pages with multiple photos

With our nearest and dearest, we share special moments and experiences, which are often hard to describe with words. Whether it's our family, friends or partners - for these people, it often seems difficult for us to find the right gift. A specially made photo calendar from Pixum is a unique and versatile gift ? one that will bring back joy and treasured memories for our loved ones.

Just a few clicks and voilà, your own Pixum photo calendar is ready!

Above the "+ screen" function, below the preview, you can add placeholders to your photos and then position them as you like. To help you design a fabulous and unique collage, the size of the individual objects can also be freely adapted, so that special photos can be given a place of prominence. After left-clicking on the object, the images can be rotated and tilted using the two circular arrows. Another important feature, particularly for multiple photos per page, is the way you can place objects in the foreground or background. To do this, e.g. In the Pixum Photo World software, right-click on the image you want to move > A layer forwards / backwards.

The limitless possibilities at your disposal make designing your Pixum photo calendar a fun, creative task. Start with the design of your own wall calendar or desktop calendar. You can access it directly via the online editor on this page. The Pixum Photo World software is available for PC and Mac or you can use the Pixum Photo Book app on iOS and Android.

Choose from a variety of layouts for your Pixum Photo Calendar

A Pixum Photo Calendar can be easily designed and it?s ready for printing soon after you?ve finished. For example, with the Pixum Photo World software, you choose from a rich variety of formats and materials. Whether you?re looking for a wall calendar or a desk calendar, glossy or matt paper, the choice is entirely up to you. After that, you determine the layout to be used for your design. Here you have the option to choose a standard design or a variant. When choosing a design variant, for example, you?ve got the option to choose between multiple layouts.

For example, you have the option to place multiple photos on one page - either for one month or throughout the entire photo calendar. To place photos in the layout, simply drag and drop them onto the template. Let your creativity run wild! How about a collage of images of you and your family throughout the years? Or maybe a collection of photos celebrating the anniversaries and milestones you?ve reached with your partner?

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Quick and easy: Create, design and order in your browser directly. For creating your Photo Books, Wall Art & more. Quick and easy!

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