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Captions for your photo calendar: contemplative, fun or creative?

You Pixum photo calendar with carefully selected photos is of course the perfect gift for the most varied of occasions. The overall design will be even more appealing if you supplement it with captions, which are sure to make an impact. However, which captions are suitable for a photo calendar? Perhaps our suggestions can help:

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Caption idea #1: Maxims

Maxims express in just a few words things that move us and that we all to often find difficult to express ourselves. Sometimes they are quotations from famous personalities, but often they are words of wisdom handed down in the vernacular. They go best with contemplative photos, black & white portraits and dreamy landscape shots.


  • The path to greatness passes through silence. (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)
  • The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. (Thomas Alva Edison)
  • In all things it is better to hope. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

    Caption idea #2: Fun slogans for your photo calendar

    Especially in Winter, fun slogans are just the thing to lift a cold mood. Just a quick Google search should be enough to find a huge selection of suitable aphorisms.

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    Most little children come out with some hilarious things on a regular basis. Take a note of them and make use of them when designing children's calendars.

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