Nature shots in a panoramic photo calendar

Those who like to decorate their kitchens, living rooms, hallways or other rooms with self-shot photographs can do so using a picture in a frame or a poster ? however, a Pixum photo calendar represents another popular choice: here the functional and the decorative merge together like in no other photo product, and most importantly, a photo calendar brings a breath of fresh air to your home every month.

If it is mainly nature shots that you want to print, the Classic (Panorama XXL) wall calendar is particularly well suited. Measuring 62.4 x 32 centimetres I is almost twice as wide as it is long, offering loads of space for large format shots, of landscapes or macros for instance.

Nature shots, effectively presented in a photo calendar

When designing a photo calendar, nature photographs are often a really effective theme ? after all many nature photos can be easily matched to the respective times of year, meaning they can be easily assigned to the different months. For example, panoramic shots of snowy landscapes are particularly well suited for the Winter months, while brightly coloured macro shots of colourful leaves are a good fit for September or October.

The theme need never change: you could even seek out a nearby natural spot - an untouched forest clearing for instance - where you could document the changing conditions over the course of the various seasons ? and then use the shots as pictures for the respective months. Here playing around with the various editing options is a good way to ensure variety.

A calendar format that is not just for panoramic shots

Of course you do not have to display just one image per month. In the layout suggestions in the Online Editor you will also find numerous designs in which multiple photos can be positioned alongside one another. For example, you could capture the same object from a different perspective each month, or using varying light settings and make a collage from the shots. Or why not combine nature shots and portraits? Or perhaps contrast colour and black & white shots of the same subject - the possibilities are endless. Just let your creativity run wild!