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Inspiration for your Pixum Photo Calendar

Here you'll find tips and tricks on how to easily design unique and creative Pixum Photo Calendars.

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Selecting photos for large-format calendars

The popular Pixum photo calendars are available in many different formats and materials. The large calendar formats, A2 or XXL, are ideal for large kitchens or for hanging in your hallway. When it comes to selecting a picture, always bear in mind the size of your photo calendar.

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Pay attention to the correct resolution

The larger the calendar, the higher the resolution requirements for the images that are to be printed. If the photo calendars are still to show clear and sharp images, you should aim for a resolution of about 300ppi or more. When working with the online editor, a photo resolution that is too low will be automatically highlighted with a warning message and a red triangle.

Always remember that the image?s resolution is always related to the viewing distance - if the pictures in the calendar should only be sharply displayed from one to two metres away, try lower resolutions e.g. 150ppi.

The right photos that suit your calendar format

Of course, there is no perfect formula or fixed specifications for your Pixum photo calendars. For example, with the classic wall calendar in the Panorama XXL-version, given its special format we do have some recommendations: this calendar is ideally suited for high-resolution panorama shots - or for several high-resolution shots from the same series or shoot when placed side by side.

In spite of the generous space offered up by the A2 and XXL photo calendars, be careful not to overfill the individual calendar pages: full-page, detailed pictures are often the best ones. Of course, you can still create a collage using the layout suggestions and that way you?ll have a nice collection of photos e.g. different holidays for each calendar month.

Last but not least, the paper selection is also a major factor when selecting images: on black paper, for example, black-and-white photographs look particularly great, whilst a glossy surface highlights brilliant colours and contrasts.