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Create a timeless Pixum Photo Calendar

For your Pixum wall calendar, you can select a timeless calendar on the Pixum Photo World software and that way it automatically saves you from having to add in birthdays and important events year over year again. In this post, we'll explain how it all works. Your Pixum calendar is timeless so you can use it again and you do not have to dispose of it after 12 months are up.

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Pixum - always beautiful pictures

Design your dream calendar and start filling it with appointments

With Pixum, you can create a calendar according to your own ideas and with your own photos, which you will never have to exchange year after year. In the classic wall calendar model, for example, you can opt for an ordinary calendar. If you want one that does not display a weekday, your calendar is year-independent and thus reusable. You can use your Pixum Calendar until you want to get a new calendar. You can select a portrait, landscape, or square format. The design of the calendar is key, so perhaps choose a model which isn't weekly-based. Try, for example, a perpetual calendar.

How to get the right selection

To select the right one for you, first select your desired format, size, and the ideal paper for your photo calendars. This example is the Classic A3 wall calendar in portrait format with premium paper matt, which we would like to create via the Pixum photo world software.

In the next step, you can select how many images you want to arrange on one page by using the "Page layouts" area on the left sidebar, and you can also select the calendar style. As shown in the picture, the "Date Calendar 3 Left" was selected in this example. It would also have been possible to choose an alternative from left to the right, but it is important to note that the date calendar 3 has no weekdays in this basic design.

Pixum tip

  • Take the time to add in all of the important birthday, anniversaries or other special annual events on the Pixum photo world software. That way, everything will be nicely sorted in your printed calendar. It's easy-peasy! You only have to select the option "Birthdays, Start creating?" when you first choose the basic design. Put all of those important dates in under "Own Entries".
  • Finish off those special entries with a photo of the birthday boy or girl.
  • Jazz those calendar pages up with some items of Clipart - or add even more photos to the page on one side. That means no two pages are the same in your beautiful calendar.