A picture puzzle provides a challenge and lots of fun!

Have you ever thought of making your own picture puzzle? It's easy to make a fun puzzle out of your best photo - it's a fun and personal way to entertain.

Do you enjoy doing puzzles? Did you know they're a great way to stimulate brain activity and keep "mentally fit"? Give your cerebrum a healthy dose of exercise with your very own picture puzzle. You can take any photograph and let Pixum make a unique and one of a kind picture puzzle out of it. It's a simple and easy process that only takes a few clicks to a personal memory that never stops being fun. Is there an alternative to keeping pictures tucked away and out of sight? When is the last time you opened your old photo albums? If you want a fresh, new, and fun idea to enhance your pictures, then you should order a picture puzzle. Photographs have a special ability to capture those single moments of beauty and joy in our lives. Now you can make a game of it that can provide entertainment again and again. For example, you could make a printable puzzle of your family portrait, a trip to the mountains, or perhaps it's a place you haven't visited in many years. Why not make jigsaw puzzle boards to commemorate an achievement or special occasion?

These picture puzzles are as unique as you are. They also make a great personal gift that shows the recipient that you put extra time and effort into choosing their individual gift. They can also think of you every time they feel up to a puzzle challenge. The fun just keeps on going, one piece at a time.

Pixum prints all your photo puzzles on high-quality premium photo paper and cardboard!

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