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Here's how to select a picture hanger for your wall art

As soon as you want to hang your Pixum Wall Art up on the wall, you will need a wall mount. Pixum offers you a wide range of options, depending on the weight and type of the selected wall art. When ordering via the Pixum Photo World Software, you can easily select it in the editing mode.

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Selecting a picture hanger: Here's how it goes

First, open your wall art project in the Pixum photo world software. In the left navigation bar, change to the tab "Picture hangers". Here you will see all the wall brackets that you can choose from. This display varies depending on the product selected. In this case, for example, only the screw and the clamping systems are available, because the rail system and the mirror plates cannot be combined with the gallery print because of the weight.

Click on the desired wall mount and drag it over whilst holding down the left mouse button on the editor area. The selected bracket is now displayed below your wall art, and in the editor window you will see the corresponding placeholders for the visible parts of the bracket in front of visible wall brackets (e.g. the screw system).

Do not forget the picture hangers!

If you select the placeholder with the red cross or do not make a selection, order your wall art without a wall mount. Please note that you cannot retrofit a wall mount with some wall arts, such as the gallery print or Alu-Dibond, since you cannot pierce the material without a special tool and without causing damage to the piece!

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