High-quality Wall Art for you home
High-quality Wall Art for you home

Make your home even more homely with a personally designed Canvas Print.

Design New Wall Art

It's easy to make a design photo canvas print

Pixum's Canvas Prints are a stylish way to present your most beautiful photos on a high-quality background. With the customizable design photo canvas, it is so easy for you to create appealing photo collages with pre-configured backgrounds and layouts - and all in just a few clicks! In case you are looking for tips on making a photo collage, check the corresponding page.

Most popular sizes

Canvas Print in 40×30 cm

    from £34.99

Canvas print in 60×40 cm

    from £54.99

Canvas print in 90×60 cm

    from £89.99

Step by Step

The right layout for every occasion

A design photo canvas is suitable for a variety of occasions: for example as a birthday present to your parents, complete with photos from the last year or as a reminder of events and special moments such as concerts, baptisms or weddings. You can easily edit your photo canvas directly via the online editor on this page. You can also select one of the pre-configured designs, choosing from a total of eight different versions.

Of course, these designs can also be adjusted manually in the editor: You can easily add an image and text fields by using the lower menu bar. This allows you to create your own individual layout. To add your photos to the empty frame, either click on the "+" icon directly in the placeholder or add your photos by clicking on "Upload photo". It can be found on the left-hand tab in the online editor. After that, you simply have to drag and drop each picture into the desired frame.

Three photo formats for different sizes

Your photo collage, as a design photo canvas, can be obtained either in the classic 3: 2 format (also "small picture format") that most digital SLR cameras work with, in the 4: 3 format that is used by some compact cameras or in the modern square cut.

  • the available sizes in the common 3:2 frame are: 30×20 cm and 60×40 cm
  • 4:3 formates are available in either 40×30 cm or 80×60 cm
  • an example for a square cut format would be 60×60 cm

How to make a Pixum Photo Product

Online Editor

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Pixum Photo World software

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Pixum app

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