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Ferocious dinosaurs, pretty princesses & Co.: Forex wall art for kid's rooms

Whether it's an image of a colourful pony, a busy construction site or a bustling zoo - pictures are a great way of decorating a child's room. Now the Forex foam board print are also available for your children's room, so that they can unleash their own creative flair.

Find the material that suits you most

Find the material that suits you most

Your Wall Art in just a few simple steps

Your Wall Art in just a few simple steps

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The advantages of Forex wall art

Forex wall art are a sure winner for the youngest members of your household. Here's a look at why:

  • Robustness: The hard foam panels are normally used in building construction and in shop and exhibition construction - this already underlines their resistance to external influences. Even if your little angels manage to get their hands on the wall art, they won't be able to rip it off the wall.
  • No risk of injury: The Forex plates are made with carefully rounded corners so that accidental impact will not cause any harm or injury.
  • Completely fire safe: Forex plates are flame-retardants. They correspond to fire class C and are therefore classified as particularly safe - even if the kids do take a notion and try to set the item alight.
  • Weight: These items weigh a lot less when compared to other wall art. This is also revealed in the following weight table, which represents the approximate weight of the various Pixum items, excluding the wall suspension:
kg/m² 20 x 30 cm 40 x 40 cm 60 x 90 cm 80 x 100 cm 100 x 150 cm
Gallery Print ca. 10 0,6 kg 1,6 kg 5,5 kg 8,2 kg 15,3 kg
Aluminium-Dibond ca. 3,9 0,2 kg 0,6 kg 2,1 kg 3,1 kg 5,8 kg
Acrylic glass ca. 4,8 0,3 kg 0,8 kg 2,6 kg 3,8 kg 7,1 kg
Forex ca. 2,0 0,1 kg 0,3 kg 1,1 kg 1,6 kg 3,0 kg
Canvas print Ca. 1,6 0,1 kg 0,25 kg 0,8 kg 1,3 kg 2,3 kg

Lots of variants for livening up your child's room

What size of picture works best? Well, the choice is yours. All formats have a thickness of 5 mm. You've got 39 different formats to choose from - between 20 x 20 cm and 150 x 100 cm, so you can work with a wide range of dimensions. The satined surface is matt and hardly shows reflections, so that your child can marvel at the new image from every perspective. You can also choose from a variety of different wall mounting options. For smaller formats, it is possible to use mirror panels. Otherwise the rail system is always available as a wall suspension solution. Optionally, you can also opt for a screw system.

When selecting a picture, Pixum is always here to lend you a hand. Upload your own photos or graphics and then print them. Or choose from one of the millions of pictures in the Pixum gallery - there's many great pictures for kids that are just waiting to be discovered. Add something creative to your child's room with a Forex wall art.

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Wall Art design tips

Looking for wall decoration ideas for your home? Need tips on how to integrate Pixum Wall Art into your home? Whatever you need - you'll find what you're looking for in Pixum's Wall Art design tips!

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