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The golden ratio: so you can hang up pictures in harmony

Have you ever wondered how you would like to present your new wall art in your home? The correct height depends entirely on the type of wall mounting that you prefer. In almost every situation, we recommend the golden ratio, which has been seen as a standard for hanging pictures for quite some time.
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The basic principle behind the golden ratio

The golden ratio is actually a mathematical method, which is based on the assumption that the human eye focuses in on a ratio of 62 to 38 per cent on arranged objects, seeing these angles as particularly harmonious. This principle can be found in many different areas of life. The human hand and arm serve as guides in this relationship. In architecture, the roof is designed to occupy 38 per cent of s building's total height, making it particularly harmonious.

The same holds true in photography where the golden ratio is commonly used, although it is also usually referred to as the third rule. For the sake of simplicity, a ratio of 66.66 to 33.33 per cent is used, thus dividing all distances into three parts. Photos that are created using the golden ratio look excellent and are perfectly balanced.

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How to apply the golden ratio to the wall

The golden ratio also plays an important role in wall design. You employ this method as follows:

  • Measuring the ceiling height: Measure the height of the wall from the floor up to the ceiling.
  • Calculate the golden ratio: TDivide the measured distance by 8 and multiply it by 5. Example: The ceiling height is 2.50 m. 2.50 m: 8 x 5 = 1.56 m.
  • Draw the line: Draw a thin line (using a pencil) at the calculated height (in the example, 1.56 m) measured from the ground. Now 5/8 of the ceiling height is below the line, 3/8 above.
  • Measure the wall art and calculate the golden ratio: Measure your wall arts afterwards. On the images (for example, on the back), mark the line that is 5/8 of the total height from the bottom of the piece.
  • Hang up the pieces: Now you can hang up the pictures. To do this, place the images accordingly so that their 5/8 line rests on the 5/8 line of the wall.

Simply put, this means that: If you want to hang several wall arts of different sizes, they do not have to be level, but instead overlap one another at the top and at the bottom. This may seem strange, but the result will be perfect: the overall picture will look balanced and beautiful.

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