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Creating Pixum Wall Art is very easy. But perhaps you are still put off by the supposedly difficult task of later getting the picture onto the wall. In fact, this is not a problem thanks to the sophisticated systems offered up by Pixum. We will take you through what we have to offer.

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Pixum's picture hanging systems: Lots of options for every wall art

With Pixum, you can choose from these picture hanging systems:

  • Rail system: In this particular system, a rail is invisibly mounted to the back of the image. It bears the weight and it is available for wall arts on aluminum dibond, gallery print and forex plates.
  • Mirror plates: The mirror plates are simply glued onto the back of the wall art because they have self-adhesive properties. Since they are not bolted on, they bear only a small amount of weight and are therefore available for certain types of wall paintings. They are not recommended for items with acrylic glass due to the translucent property of the product. Mirror plates are therefore only available for the lighter formats between 20 × 20 cm and 30 × 45 cm as well as for panoramic formats.
  • Screw system: This screw system is ideal for Pixum 's wall paintings that have four drill holes. You can use the four enclosed decorative screws with an integrated spacer, which make the product look particularly refined. The screw system can be used without restrictions, so it works well with aluminum dibond, forex plates, acrylic glass as well as gallery prints.
  • Clamping system: The clamping system looks similar to the screw system when viewed from the front. However, this bracket does not have to be screwed in and therefore does not leaves holes in the wall art. They simply clamp the spacers over the edge. This wall holder is also available for every Pixum wall art.

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Looking for wall decoration ideas for your home? Need tips on how to integrate Pixum Wall Art into your home? Whatever you need - you'll find what you're looking for in Pixum's Wall Art design tips!

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Pixum wall art without wall mountings

In most cases, you can order your Pixum wall arts without any wall mountings. The only exception is the gallery print, because it is not possible to attach it to a holder later on. For all other products, you can freely decide how to place your pictures on the wall. For example, these variants are available:

  • Magnetic strips: Attach a magnetic strip to the wall. If you add a self-adhesive magnetic strip to the back of your wall-mounted image, you can actually move it up and down at any time.
  • Magnetic paint: You can attach pictures, using extra strong magnets, to any wall that has been coated in magnetic paint.
  • Nails: The classic variant is always an option. Straight canvases or light wall paintings (eg on Forex plates or canvas) can also be hung with nails. Be careful: nails do not provide the adequate stability for heavy wall paintings.
  • Adhesive strips:You can also place posters and small, light canvases on the wall by using adhesive strips (e.g. double-sided adhesive tape). For a canvas, however, you will need to use a special tape that can also bear the weight of a heavier item.
  • Without any mountings: If you have a high sideboard or a floating shelf on the wall, you can simply place your wall art there without securing it to the wall. If you consider this option for a heavy, large wall-mounted image (e.g. a gallery print), make sure that the item is securely mounted with dowels and that they can withstand the weight. Pixum cannot be held liable for the purchase of items without a holder. Pixum does not accept any liability for brackets or mountings made by other parties.

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