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Highlights for your home

Use your most beautiful pictures and create your very own wall art with lots of design tips.

Create your Pixum Wall Art

Framed posters: New ideas for your pictures

With a big frame, you can display your poster particularly well. This is why you can order a fitting photo frame directly from Pixum so that your picture is already ready for hanging when it is delivered. The great variety makes it easy for you to design stunning and truly unique pieces.

The Pixum frames at a glance

Once you've got your poster sorted, you can then choose from one of 18 different frame models. You?ll be spoilt for choice! Options vary from the natural driftwood look to the restrained, white frame. The items are always supplied with a suitable wall bracket. The high-quality passepartout underlines the character of your picture. Thanks to the dust-free adhesive bonding, you can look forward to wonderful shots without any slips or falls. The Pixum frames are ideal for the smaller poster formats of 20 × 20 to 75 × 50cm.

Discover Pixum Wall Art

Make your very own, personalised Pixum Wall Art with lots of different materials to print on and a huge selection of formats and sizes.

Getting your frame sorted: It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

If you would like to order your framed poster, select one of the formats for which a frame is available. In the format selection, you'll recognise this by a small icon to the right of the respective format. You are then prompted to select the desired paper. You can add a frame only if you also choose the paper type "Matte printing paper". Choose a border colour and a passe-partout and you can order your poster in the frame.

It's even easier to add a frame by using the Pixum Photo World software. Start a new project with one of the above poster formats. In the editing mode, you will find the "Picture Frames" area in the left-hand navigation. There you can select the desired frame and simply drag it onto the editor area. In the "Passe-partouts" section, you can explore and try out the effect of the different passe-partouts.

Creative ideas for your framed posters

Looking for some creative inspiration? Not sure which of your photos would look amazing as a framed poster? Let our ideas inspire you:

  • Black and White Wall: Choose multiple photos that could be of the family, for example, like a family day out. Now you can create multiple posters in different formats and sizes. Use the image processing options in the Pixum Editor to transform the images into black and white pictures. Surround them with a black frame, a white passe-partout and hang them together as a photo wall.
  • Souvenirs:Create a large Pixum framed poster with a nice holiday snapshot. Decorate the glass with a 3D pencil and add funny messages or some anecdotes and stick in some souvenirs like little trinkets or shells to the picture frame.
  • 3D Photo: Select a photo of people doing something. Attach items that are related to the photo on the picture frame. For example, if the subject is some children's balloons, attach one or two balloons to the picture frame. If you?ve captured a culinary scene, spice things up by adding a spoon sticker.