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The Pixum Photo Panel
Can't decide on one single picture? Create a photo strip with your favourite photos.

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Create a row of photos

For the most beautiful self-captured photos, there are numerous presentation possibilities: individual Pixum photo books, regular photo prints or, for example, small pop-up calendars for the dining table. If you want to set special picture formats, you can also create a high-quality Pixum Wall Art as a photo strip. Here you can choose from four different panorama formats, which are perfect for landscaping or several consecutive still images.

Photo frames are suitable for companies as well as for private individuals: for example, they can be used in doctor's offices or offices with staff photographs or simply as a wall decoration. Nevertheless, they are also perfect for the home, particularly the living room, to show off family photos, creative sayings or the best wedding and holiday memories.

Available materials for your photo panel

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Work with individual designs

You can easily design your own photo row in the browser using the online editor on this page. First, select the desired material and then the image size, and afterwards you can begin on the design. In the menu bar, you can choose between different layouts and, for example, either print a large panorama photo or display up to eight photos in a graded manner.

You have the choice between different arrangements, partly with seamless transitions, in some cases also with larger distances to each other. In addition to the pre-configured layouts, you can also add additional image and text and customise them to your own liking. The background colour of the photo strip can be adjusted according to the selected photos: Just click on "Select colour" in the menu bar.

Formats and materials

  • Formats: As a format for your row of photos, you can choose from four different sizes - 60 × 15 cm, 90 × 15 cm, 80 x 20 cm and 120 x 20 cm. Possible aspect ratios are 4: 1, 5: 1 and 6: 1. For example, 360-degree panoramas can be displayed in detail and remain sharp.
  • Materials: Your photo row can be printed on four different materials - acrylic, aluminum dibond, gallery print or forex. Each material has special characteristics, such as particularly high colour brilliance or low weight for wall mounting. Here you can find out more about the advantages of the variants here.

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