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Pixum Wall Art Tips & Tricks

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How to order your wall art by using the Pixum Photo World software

You can order Pixum Wall Art in three different ways: via the online editor, via the Pixum app or by using the Pixum photo world software. The free downloadable software offers you the greatest freedom when it comes to bringing your designs to life. The installation process is very easily and, once it's downloaded, you can get designing straight away!

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Wall Art design tips

Looking for wall decoration ideas for your home? Need tips on how to integrate Pixum Wall Art into your home? Whatever you need - you'll find what you're looking for in Pixum's Wall Art design tips!

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Time to make an amazing piece - Step by step

Here are the steps to follow if you want to order a wall art via the Pixum Photo World software:

Step 1: Install the free software

First, download the installation file. Double click on the downloaded file and follow the self-explanatory instructions. After completing the installation, you can start Pixum photo world by double-clicking on the software icon.

Step 2: Start your project

On the software?s start page, select "Posters & Canvas" in the top bar and you will see a selection of the available wall images on the right. Click on the desired wall art and you will be taken to a more detailed selection. We've decided on a gallery print, for example, and then a panoramic format with the dimensions 50 × 100 cm. Now your project will open and you can start designing your piece.

Step 3: Creating the wall art

Now you can design your wall art as you wish. In the left navigation bar, you have numerous options:

  • Photos:Add photos from your hard drive to your creation by simply dragging them into the software.
  • Picture hangers: Select one of the several page layouts with multiple photos to create a collage, for example.
  • Picture layout: Choose frome different layouts to create a collage.
  • Backgrounds: The software provides you with numerous backgrounds that you can put behind your photos.
  • Clipart: You can find many clipart items on almost every topic here. These allow you to liven up your design.
  • Masks and frames: Place masks or frames around your pictures to make them even more unique.

Step 4: Order your wall art

When you are satisfied with your results, click the "Add to basket" button in the lower right-hand corner. You will now be guided through the ordering process after you?ve uploaded your photos.

Pixum tip

Explore the many design options of the Pixum photo world little by little and be sure to try everything out. If you do not like the result, just make a change, nothing is final! Of course, you can also place a single image on a canvas and then order it without any additional designs or text, because sometimes a beautiful picture simply speaks for itself.

Find more Wall Art inspirations

Wall Art design tips

Looking for wall decoration ideas for your home? Need tips on how to integrate Pixum Wall Art into your home? Whatever you need - you'll find what you're looking for in Pixum's Wall Art design tips!

Unique ideas for your Wall Art

Discover our various ideas for your Pixum Wall Art and browse through our gallery!

Maximise your images and motifs

Why Pixum Photo World is the best option

The Pixum Photo World software offers up numerous possibilities, some of which are not available on the online editor or via the app. For example, on Pixum photo world you can create a family collage of several individual photographs. In addition, you can work with the software in a very comfortable way, save your work whenever you need to, and you do not need to worry about losing your creations even if you have a slow Internet connection.

More ideas that you can implement by usingn the Pixum photo world software:

  • Put a single image onto three pictures and turn it into a triptych.
  • Edit your photos in detail and let your photos appear in a pop art style or in black and white.
  • Place a caption on your photo and document the funny details of the scene.
  • Choose a different page layout and work with multiple photos.