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Avoid these 3 mistakes when getting your wall design set up

Let's not beat around the bush. You want your Pixum Wall Art to be fabulous and the centre of attention. After all, your best images should enhance the room visually, instead of just blending into the background. To help you do this, you should avoid the following three errors.

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Looking for wall decoration ideas for your home? Need tips on how to integrate Pixum Wall Art into your home? Whatever you need - you'll find what you're looking for in Pixum's Wall Art design tips!

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Error #1: Too orderly or too chaotic

If you hang up several pieces, you will have to find the right balance between order and chaos. If the images hang too symmetrically or too accurately, this comes across as boring. Too much chaos, on the other hand, is also not useful: hanging the images criss-crossed without any line in the entire room, no one really draws attention - your wall art remain more or less without effect. That is why we give you some tips for the golden mean between order and chaos:

  • Hang your pictures in a slightly asymmetrical fashion, but follow a plan (e.g. the golden section or the Petersburger hanging style).
  • Avoid complete chaos, where the images hang together or all over the show.
  • A purely symmetrical and geometrical hanging works fine with picture frames of the same size with passe-partout. In the ideal case, they also contain images that are logically or optically connected.

Error #2: A wild and unruly mix of material

Whether it?s classic frames or Pixum wall art - a wild and unruly mix of raw materials brings unrest straight into your living room and the eye does not know where to look first. Therefore: opt for the best product type or combine a maximum of two mutually related or mutually similar types of wall images to avoid a confusing look in your room. For example, gallery prints and acrylic glass wall art can be easily combined with one another due to the identical surface. Also Alu-Dibond wall art fits well with gallery-prints.

If a product already has a special effect, you should use combinations sparingly. This applies, for example, to a Wood Print, since none of the other Pixum wall art hase a comparable surface structure. However, the picture fits in and suits the wooden frame.

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Error #3:Lack of consideration for the lighting

Lighting plays an important role in photography, but you should also take it into account when designing the wall. Otherwise, you'll have to work around:

  • Reflections: Pixum wall art that has a surface like acrylic glass, as is the case in the gallery print or the acrylic glass wall art, will reflect light just like any other glass surface. If, for example, direct sunlight hits the glass, you can?t really see the picture.
  • Dark and dusky corners: If you hang a wall art with bright colours in a dark corner with very little light, you will not be able to appreciate its colours. An additional source of light, which is directing at the piece, is the ideal solution. But beware: For images with muted colors, a darker corner is just the right choice.
  • Pale colours If you place a bright image directly against the window or apply far too much light by using an artificial light source, the colours will look pale.

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Here you can find out more about the light conditions that can affect your overall room design and your Pixum wall art. .

Find the material that suits you most

Find the material that suits you most

Your Wall Art in just a few simple steps

Your Wall Art in just a few simple steps