Orders & Delivery: How can I redeem a voucher?

This is how the voucher works:

  • Place the desired images in your shopping basket.
  • Now open your shopping basket with a click on "Shopping basket" in the upper right corner of each page.
  • Here you have the option to redeem your voucher-code. Please note that you can only redeem one voucher-code per order.
  • If you click on "Save", the voucher is credited to your order.


  • If a volume discount and an additional voucher overlap, we always calculate to your benefit.
  • Please make sure that the voucher is credited to your ordered amount.


  • Then click on "continue".
  • To be able to process your order as quickly as possible, your order is sent to our lab within a few minutes after you have sent it. Therefore please check your information carefully, your order becomes binding as soon as you click on "Send order".

Photo book vouchers:

  • Due to technical reasons photo book vouchers cannot be used for gift products or photo prints. Vouchers for photo prints or gift products can not be used for photo book orders.
  • Photo book vouchers are entered when you start your order in the Photo Book software. Please note: you are asked to enter your email address as well as your password. At the bottom of that window you can enter your voucher code which will be redeemed in the shopping basket and then click on "Continue".

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  • Before you send us your photo book order, you will see an overview with all positions including the prices. Please check here if the bonus was deducted correctly.

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Please note the following points before contacting our support:

  • An afterwards redemption of a sent order is unfortunately not possible. In case the voucher redemption did not work, do not send your order and please send us an email.
  • Due to technical reasons the vouchers are not valid for photo books. We clearly mention otherwise with photo book vouchers.
  • Vouchers are usually only valid for a certain period. The duration of the campaign is always mentioned where you find the voucher, usually at the end of the page or in the footnote of the newsletter. If you have "saved" your voucher and want to use it later, it might be that your voucher code is no longer valid.
  • Some vouchers are only valid for a certain person. If you have received a personal voucher, then this is only valid for your own Pixum account. If you place an order from another account, we cannot accept your voucher.
  • Our voucher codes are „case sensitive”. This means that you have to match the upper and lower case of all characters. Tip: enter your code in your order with „Copy and Paste“ (mark voucher code / CTRL+C / CTRL+V) from the place of origin. This way no typing errors can occur.
  • Our vouchers cannot be combined. This means that you can only use one voucher per order.
  • Many vouchers are connected to certain products. For instance if you have a voucher for photo prints in the 4" format, you cannot use this voucher for a 12" poster or a photo-fun-product - and vice versa.
  • The order was not processed. Our voucher codes only work for one order. First you have to place the product in the shopping basket. Then you enter the voucher code at the end of your order in the shopping basket.

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