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Is the image quality/resolution suitable for my photo product?

The resolution (pixel number) of your photo plays an important role in ensuring that your personal photo product can be printed in optimum print quality. If the resolution of your selected photo is too low for the selected enlargement, you will receive a Warning Note in the form of an exclamation mark.

The quality indicator only indicates whether the pixel resolution of your image is sufficient for the selected image size. For photos that are fuzzy, underexposed, or color-tinted, for example, a warning message is not automatically issued.

Quality indicator on the website

An exclamation point in the yellow warning triangle is displayed on our website during the design as well as in the shopping basket.

Quality Indicator in the Software

In the Pixum Photo World software, an exclamation point in the red warning triangle and a smiley in three different shades of color will warn you:

  • red = resolution too low
  • yellow = resolution not optimal
  • green = optimal resolution

The display in the toolbar always refers to the photo currently selected in the editing area. A selected photo can be identified by the yellow border.

Quality Indicator in the App

In the mobile Pixum app, a red warning triangle with an exclamation point is displayed directly on the image - not to be missed! You will also be notified as soon as you wish to place your photo product in the shopping basket.

Pixum tip

I got a warning - what now?

Use an image with a higher resolution (higher pixel count). Sometimes a photo can only be used to a limited extent due to compression, sending via messenger services or using photo apps (e. g. Instagram). In these cases, it is recommended to import the image directly from the source (camera, mobile phone, etc.) to the computer again without any detours (or processing). This way, maximum quality can be guaranteed.

If you have zoomed in on the image while designing your product, use the magnifying glass to zoom out again until the quality warning disappears.

Choose a smaller format for your product (e. g. 30*45 cm instead of 40*60 cm) or another layout in which the photo is smaller.

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