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A wedding is one of the most important and personal events in one's life and usually concerns the bride and groom as well as their family and friends. If you want to prepare this special day by sending the perfect invitations to your relatives, Pixum Wedding cards provide an elegant and intimate frame to tell everyone who is going to get married when and where.

If you create a personalised invitation for your wedding at Pixum, you can combine your favourite photo with some lovely lines. Additionally, those cards serve as a nice piece of memory. Pixum Wedding cards are the perfect start and a lovely symbol for two people planning to spend their life together.

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Choose from many designs and formats for your Wedding cards

It is very important to send invitations as soon as possible to tell your guests in time that you are going to celebrate. This means, picking a format, design and text for your Wedding cards is one of the first steps when you prepare your special day. Pixum offers numerous ways to create inexpensive cards from traditional to romantic images like an engaged couple, a wedding cake or two intertwined rings.

If you found a design you like, you only need to choose your favourite photo and a matching text - either taking a beautiful saying, poem or famous quote from the internet or writing some personal lines of your own. If you create your invitation at Pixum there is hardly a limit to your options.

You might need invitations again after several years to announce a celebration on occasion of your silver wedding, the golden one or even your diamond anniversary. No matter if you need it to celebrate 25, 50 or 60 years spent together, Pixum Wedding cards are perfect for every kind of anniversary. Create and order all of your Greeting cards at the award-winning online photo service.

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