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Create your own individual wall art and make a personal memo board!

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DIY - Magnetic Memo Board

How many times have you looked for a note - to leave a quick message for the family or to write the next shopping list? Design your own memo board with a beautiful photo with our Pixum Wall Art!

Memories Kept for Ever

Design a magnetic memo board with photos

A memo board is very useful for all kinds of notes, but it doesn't always serve a decorative purpose. We have a simple solution for this: Create your own personal memo board as an eye-catcher with a unique Wall Art!


In the following instructions, you will learn how to create your own individual memo board that can also be magnetic.


  • Wall Art in your desired size
  • self-adhesive blackboard foil
  • scissors
  • chalk or chalk marker

1. Measuring

The most important thing is how much space you have available on your wall for your memo board. Measure the free space and then order your Pixum Wall Art in the right size with your favourite photo. After your order has been delivered, you can now cut your board foil to size.

2. Cut foil

Draw a line with a pencil on the surface of the material that helps to stick the trimmed foil precisely, with a little distance to the edge. Now slowly peel off the back of the adhesive foil to apply the board piece by piece and without bubbles.

3. Stick on

After you have applied the foil without leaving any bubbles, the creative part begins. Depending on the use case of your memo board, you can either design a calendar, write down a shopping list or draw a picture.

4. Decorate

In our case, we've used some Christmas handlettering. If you don't like what you've painted, you can easily remove it with a damp cloth and change it as often as you like.


Your decorative wall board is ready! Depending on the photo, it can be suitable for your children's room with a funny snapshot, as well as for the kitchen or the office. As a practical decoration for the holidays, you can also use seasonal motifs such as pictures of a homemade snowman from your last winter holiday.

Choice of photo & material for your magnetic memo board

When choosing the photo, bear in mind that part of the Wall Art will later be covered by the foil.

When it comes to the material of your magnetic wall or memo board, you have several choices - the best materials are a Forex Print or a Aluminium Print as a base. Both are the perfect base for the blackboard foil.

Disvocer more about our Picture hanging kits, which can be easily ordered with your chosen Wall Art from Pixum.

Magic for your magnetic wall

There are also board foils that are magnetic - you can not only write on them, but also attach notes, cards and photos with magnets. In our example, we used such a foil to create a magnetic board with your own design, on which you can write and attach magnets to at the same time.

Your magnetic board is already too crowded with notes and appointments to attach more photos of your loved ones? With your own Photo Magnets you can kill two birds with one stone. The magnets not only work on your magnetic memo board, but also on other popular places in your home or office.

Sizes & prices

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