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Magnetic memories and reminder

Create lasting holiday memories with Pixum - order now your own individual adhesive photo poster!

Design adhesive photo poster

How to turn a magnetic board into creative holiday memories

Magnetic boards are usually really dull. No matter if it's a whiteboard or has the metal look - the standard solutions are not an eye-catcher. It's time to get creative and turn a traditional magnetic board into a display of holiday memories with a Pixum Adhesive Photo Poster!

» How to create a DIY-magnet board

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Pixum - always beautiful pictures

This is what you need:

The material list is very short. All you need to realise the project is:

  • a magnetic board from a DIY store, warehouse or online
  • a Pixum Adhesive Photo Poster with your favourite holiday picture
  • Magnets

Tip: In order for the adhesive photo poster to extend around the magnetic board, it should be a considered to be longer on all sides than the magnetic board.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Place the Pixum Self Adhesive Photo Poster on a table with the photo facing down and partially peel off the foil from one side.
  2. Now set the magnetic board very evenly on the sticky surface of the adhesive foil, but leave a protrusion till the end.
  3. Work your way forward and pull off the foil bit by bit.
  4. Check frequently on the front side of the poster that no bubbles have developed.
  5. When the whole board is on the adhesive foil, turn the overhanging edges over to the back of the magnet board. This way the edges are also covered with glue and nothing can peel off.

Order matching magnets:

The Pixum Photo Fridge Magnet completes your personalised magnetic board down to the smallest detail. Also, by printing magnets with pictures of all family members all the documents on the board immediately show whom they concern.

Another original design is to create an adhesive photo poster with a beach photo and the magnets fill the beach with images of shells, starfish or crabs. You see there are almost no limits to your imagination.

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