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Pixum Wall Art Tips & Tricks

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Inspiring image ideas for your black and white wall art

Black and white images have always fascinated people. If all the colours are hidden, only the actual statement of the image remains. We focus on the essentials and our eye hones in on the fine contours, the strong contrasts and the extraordinary compositions. However, not every subject suits a black-and-white design. It may well be that a targeted selection of the pictures is key to creating an outstanding piece.

Suitable images for your black and white pictures

For large-scale black-and-white photographs, the best photos are those which capture strong contrasts. Everyday situations as well as special details can be a good idea. Typical images for black and white wall art include:

  • Cities and architecture: Photographs of architectural masterpieces from an extraordinary perspective or enhance your living room with an image of the trendy New York skyline or a fancy shot of a Parisian street café.
  • Animals in black and white: Due to the high contrast between the stripes, zebras look very interesting in black and white. Powerful lions or a portrait of your pet can also be great subjects for your Pixum wall art.
  • Contrasting images: Images with a strong contrast between light and dark are definitely suitable for black and white pictures. Try using piano keys, a chessboard pattern, or shots with lots of light and shadows.
  • Portrait photos: Capture your beautiful and stunning portrait photos in a black and white picture.
  • Black and white classics: The works of famous black and white photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Nick Brandt, James Nachtwey, Matt Stuart and Michael Kenna are always a good idea.

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If you do not have a suitable picture, why not have a look at artboxONE? There you will find countless black and white images for your wall art. Many of the pictures there have been captured by contemporary photographers and young, upcoming professionals!

Presenting your black and white photos at their best

You can have your black and white photo printed on any Pixum pictures. However, it would be a particularly good idea to have them set on aluminium dibond, since the surface of this material is dull. Reflections, which could interfere with the contrast ratio, are thereby eliminated. Alternatively, you can opt for the Forex plate if you need a very light material due to the nature of your walls.

Decoration tip: If you have several black and white images that match your style or theme, you can also print them as a picture in a frame. Use a black frame (for example, "Classic Black"). If you choose different sizes, you can present your pictures in a nice and elegant fashion, e.g. in the Petersburger hanging style or in a gallery-like style.