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HOT Canvas photo print 24 x 16"

fine arts with a personal flavour - available in 14 different formats ... more


Photo snow globe glittering flakes dance around your favourite image with this great snow globe more


Canvas print 12" x 8"

...turn your favourite images into works of art! - available in five different sizes and a range of frame colours... more


Canvas print 12" x 8"

...turn your favourite images into works of art - available in five different sizes and a range of frame colours... more


Crystal photo key ring

...have your favourite image lasered into this cool, light up, glass key ring more


Freestanding crystal photo

... your photo lasered into glass which serves as a self-standing frame. An exclusive and massive gift in high quality with a first-class appearance ... more


Freestanding crystal photo

... a precious gift for the one you love. Your individual photo forever engraved in the middle of a glass heart ... more


Crystal pen holder

... a weighty and elegant eye-catcher on your desk. Increases your attachment to your favourite pen ... more


HOT Cuddly toy with photo t-shirt

...have your favourite photo printed on this cuddly little teddy's t-shirt more


HOT Reindeer with photo t-shirt

... an adorable stuffed reindeer wearing your photo on a t-shirt. Ready to cuddle... ... more


HOT Photo jigsaw small

...Turn your favourite image into a game with our great jig saw puzzle... more


HOT Photo jigsaw medium

Buy our favourite fun product the puzzle now also in mega size. With 266 pieces and 30x45cm in size, it's a real challenge even for puzzle maniacs. more


Cuddly toy with photo t-shirt

...A cuddly bunny with your photo printed on his t-shirt... more


Premium photo mousemat

... our new mousepad! Thin (only 2mm) and with a modern, wear resistant surface. Perfect for optical mice. Personalised with your photo, this mousepad makes you enjoy every click ... more


Premium photo mousemat XL

... our new gaming mousepad for your personal gaming adventure! Larger, thinner and with a plastic surface for comfort, speed and accuracy ... more


Photo mousemat

...brighten up your desk with a great customised mouse mat... more


Photo postcards M- set of 10

...surprise your friends and family by turning your favourite photo into a great set of postcards more


HOT Photo memory game

...turn you photos into a great matching pair game more


European photo playing cards

...surprise your poker buddies with your favourite image printed on the back of 32 playing cards more


Photo beer mug

Beer mug personalised with your photo. Whether as an amusing gift, or as something special for a stag night or birhtday party this mug helps you keep track of your beer, no matter what the occasion! more

Tasse_shop £7.99

Design photo mug white inside

...Surprise your loved one with one of our great photo mugs, complete with a decorative border... more


Magic photo mug

...pour a hot drink into this mug and watch your image macially appear... more


Panoramic photo mug with white inside

... for a good start into the morning - you`ll enjoy your coffee, tea or hot chocolate best with this mug with wrap-around photo ... more


Photo mug

... exclusive look and a colourful inside for a great start to any day - also perfect for a personalised coffee break ... more

Tshirt_shop £9.99

Kids T-Shirt

... Kids’ fashion... more



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I just received the photos and I am very happy with the service and quality. I want to say a big thank you to all of the Pixum team!