Design your lunch box for Easter
Design your lunch box for Easter

Create a very special surprise for Easter!

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Lunchbox for your Easter Eggs

Looking for an extra way to hand over Easter Eggs to your family? Decorate a Pixum lunchbox with a photo of the recipient, add a bit of grass and chocolate eggs in an array of colours and your spring gift box is ready to go.

For a gift box you will need

  • A nice picture
  • A Pixum lunchbox
  • Easter grass
  • Chocolate eggs

Here's how it's done

  1. Find a photo of the recipient and use it to create a lunchbox with your choice of colour (yellow, red or blue). You could also use pictures of pets or images from your last holiday.
  2. By creating a box for each member of your family and hiding them in the garden, they could even be part of your Easter egg hunt!
  3. Once you have received the lunchbox, filled it up with all sorts of tasty goodies and festive decoration.
  4. The lunchbox fits in all manner of bags and rucksacks. Great for kids who can then take them to school!

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