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Designing Pixum Wall Art to match the mood of the room

To keep everything in balance, the way you prepare your wall photo depends entirely on the design of the room. Here, we will show you some examples of how to best use the space, the mood, the prevailing colours and the size for your Pixum Wall Art.

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Wall Art design tips

Looking for wall decoration ideas for your home? Need tips on how to integrate Pixum Wall Art into your home? Whatever you need - you'll find what you're looking for in Pixum's Wall Art design tips!

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Wall art in the kitchen

In many households, the kitchen is at the heart of the home. We all love to spend time here, whether we?re cooking, chatting to our family or sharing a coffee with friends. Either way, in many kitchen it?s those friendly, warm colours that prevail. Therefore, you should make sure that your picture reflects a variety of colours that match the wall colour. One great idea would be a variety of pictures on the subject of food and drink - whether it?s cutlery, fresh and exotic fruit, lush vegetables and herbs or a quick saying like "Eat, drink and be merry". The size of your wall photo depends on the available wall space: Above the dining room table, you can hang up a large photo, in the kitchen for the sake of space it?s usually better to opt for a slightly smaller format. Read more about our creative ideas for your kitchen here.

Jazz up the bedroom

If you?re thinking about adding a Pixum wall photo to your bedroom, make sure you read these helpful tips beforehand:

  • Opt for a large format if there?s plenty of free space on the wall to be used
  • go for a cooler room mood
  • From a colour point of view, you could opt for pink, a delicate yellow or even weaker blue tones are suitable
  • typical pictures include: classic paintings by Monet or, for example, the Kiss by Gustav Klimt, photo

Pixum tip

Top tips from Pixum
In order to make your bedroom more exciting, you can arrange an erotic photo shoot and hang the shots in your private retreat - here they can only seen by very special people. More ideas for your bedroom can be found here.

Find the material that suits you most

Find the material that suits you most

Your Wall Art in just a few simple steps

Your Wall Art in just a few simple steps

Wall art in your bathroom

In most households, bathrooms are rather small and manageable, and so contain very little free space on the walls, as this is usually for shelves and mirrors. This is why small photos are far more suitable for this space. Acrylic glass is recommended as a material, since it is suitable for damp rooms. If you choose a clamping system or a screw system, as a wall bracket, this means that a good distance from the wall is created. Therefore, the air flowS between the wall and the frame, so that no moisture accumulates there. Typical photos in bathroom are, for example, relaxing spa images with candles and flowers, maritime images with lighthouses, sandy beaches and mussels or a short seaside saying. To find out more about Pixum wall photos for your bathroom, click here.

Liven up the living room

In the living room, you should go for larger images because this room usually has a large wall surface, where your canvas or gallery print can take up its prime position. The pictures should be somewhat colourful and bright. The image could be whatever you like personally, whether it?s a family snapshot, an architectural photograph, a landscape or a famous work of art. To find out more about re-defining your wall space with a creative piece from Pixum in your living room, just click here.

Your own personal gallery in the hallway

Hallways generally offer up a lot of wall space to work with, but there isn?t much distance between the viewer and the picture itself. A large wall painting is therefore not a good idea, because the viewer is too close to the photo. A nice idea is opt for a "gallery". This can be achieved, for example, by hanging several thematically related pictures at the same intervals, side by side. To find out more about what you can do with your hallway, read on here.

Pixum tip

Top tips from Pixum
Choose the most colourful images with high contrasts so that they can be seen even when there is a lack of daylight.

Photo Collages: So many memories

  • up to 4 photos
  • 10 different templates
  • available as Forex, Acrylic, Aluminium and Gallery Print

Photo Panel: Tell a story

  • up to 8 photos in a row
  • choose a background colour
  • available as Forex, Acrylic, Aluminium and Gallery Print

Design Poster

  • lots of creative designs
  • subtle glossy finish
  • printed on premium photo paper
  • available in 4 formats