Putting it all together:

  1. If you can, make a short list of handicraft projects you have completed and would like to show to the world. Each of our Photo Books has at least 26 pages, leaving you with ample room for your instructions.
  2. Collect all the materials you need for your project and take photos of them before you start. You can them use them to create a unique introduction to your Pixum Photo Book and listing the materials you need.
  3. When creating one of your ideas, photograph what you do at every stage. Get the entire family involved, kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, even granny and granddad. That way, creating your Photo Book becomes a great afternoon the whole family can enjoy! For simpler instructions, a photo of the finished article and accompanying text is usually sufficient.
  4. Once you have got all your photos together, why not start creating your Pixum Photo Book? All you need to do is download our free Pixum Photo Book Software, install it and get creating.

We hope you enjoy getting creative!