The Pixum Photo Book

Elegant, creative, impressive and personal.

Themed ideas for Pixum Photo Books

Get inspired by our many themed ideas and create your own Pixum Photo Book today. Whether it's a really personal Photo Book full of your best holiday photos or poems, or as a book to introduce yourself or your compnay to other business contacts. Impress friends and relatives with your very own cocktail book or preserve your precious memories of the happiest day of your life forever with a unique collection of your most beautiful pictures.

A Pixum Photo Book as a...

Photographer's Porfolio

You're a professional photographer or committed amateur? Create your very own photographic journal with your own photos on real photo paper and impress potential customers.

Family album

Record your family history as time goes by! Scan in old photographs and create a family album of special moments to show current and future generations where they come from and how their ancestors lived.

Voucher Booklet

No idea what gifts to send? Create a book of vouchers to be redeemed at any time complete with photos for the recipient. A personal present, made with love.

Travel Journal

A unique momento. Add pictures of people, places and events (and perhaps even a map) to your Photo Book in our free software. That way, your friends and family know exactly where you've been.

Poetry Book

Create a book full of poetry or clever quotes alongside your photographic masterpieces to delight your friends and acquaintances with a multi-sensory experience in a Pixum Photo Book!

Recipe Book

You enjoy cooking for yourself and your love ones? Collect your favourite recipes in your very own recipe book. Take fantastic snaps of your culinary artworks and place them alongside fantastic recipes.

Handicraft Book

Love knitting, sewing or crocheting? Write your own set of instructions and add photos to it. Perfect for friends who share the same hobby for sharing ideas or passing them down the family line!

Cocktail Book

Love mixing cocktails? Then put your favourite mixes in a Pixum Photo Book. Complete with your own photographs of tasty drinks and create your very own menu book for your home bar!

Nature A-Z

Make a book for your children to wake their curiosity in the natural world with photos you've taken out in the forest, at the zoo or on safari (abroad or in the local safari park!).

Song book

A collection of songs is a great idea for children. Use lyrics from well-known songs or write your own and add a pair of your own, very best snapshots to complete this unique complete collection.

Alphabet Book

Help your children learn the alphabet quickly and easily with a personally-created
alphabet book. For example, photograph a parrot to represent the letter "P".

Sliver wedding

25 years of marriage is a big milestone (or millstone!). Turn a Photo Book into a genuine momento with elegant leather binding. Just the right place to keep all your most wonderful photos of your time together.

Photo diary

There are loads of moments every day that could be recorded in a Photo Book. Keep memories of your most precious days fresh forever. For example a visit to the theme park, a concert or a day out at the seaside!


You have your own restaurant and are looking for a stylish, exclusive menu? Take a photo of all your dishes and create your own, personal menu sure to impress all your guests!

Trade fair presentation

You're a designer? Then you're sure to place great importance on how your clothes are presented. Present your masterworks in an exclusive Pixum Photo Book with real Photo Paper at a trade fair.

Hair Styles Book

You have a haidressers' or barbers' shop? Then what could be better than a book which allows your customers to get some inspiration while showing off the very best of your work. Create one yourself!

Make up book

You're a make up artist and made up with the way your clients look? Create your own portfolio! Photograph your models, masks and wigs for presentation in your own Pixum Photo Book.

An Introduction

You're a self-employed carpenter, pastry chef or designer? Create a portfolion in the form of a
catalogue of your favourite works, complete with beautiful illustrations of real work.

An Introduction to your Business

First impressions count! Create high-resolution photos of your working environment, employees alongside the most vital facts and figures about your company, ensuring a professional first impression.

Holiday Momento

You have more holiday photos than you could ever really care to count? Present your most imaginative images in a holiday photo book sure to make a better impression than any slideshow!