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Pixum Photo Book - Paper sample set
Discover our exclusive paper sample set for the Pixum Photo Book to get an impression of the quality and feel of our paper types.

Paper sample set for the Pixum Photo Book

Do you want to design a Pixum Photo Book, but want to compare our 6 high-quality paper types beforehand? Then order our practical paper sample set and get an impression of the different types of paper before ordering your Pixum Photo Book

  • View the different versions and discover all the differences
  • Compare the haptics and use the detailed information
  • Find the desired paper type for your Pixum Photo Book

The price for the paper sample set is £5.00 (incl. VAT and shipping costs).

With the paper sample you will receive a voucher of £5.00, which you can redeem for your next Pixum Photo Book order. There are no additional costs for the paper sample set.

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Discover the different paper types

Photo Book paper types

  • Photo paper extra matt

    Pixum Photo Book with extra matt photo paper

    We recommend our extra matt photo paper for an extraordinary presentation of your photos. The high-quality 328 g/m² (2× 164 g/m²) paper is coated with an extra special matt layer making reflections a thing of the past. Combine this photo paper with a premium hardcover and lay-flat binding. Give your memories the professional presentation they deserve.

  • Photo paper glossy

    Pixum Photo Book with glossy photo paper

    Your Pixum Photo Book will be printed on 360 g/m2 (2x 180 g/m2) elegant glossy photo paper. The pictures will look just like how you know them from classic photo prints. The brilliant pages are stable and can be easily cleaned when something is spilled on them. The perfect gift for all your loved ones. The Pixum Photo Book on photo paper (glossy) comes with the luxurious lay flat binding.

  • Photo paper matte

    Pixum Photo Book with matte photo paper

    Your photos are brilliantly coloured and printed with an elegant touch, on our matte photo paper. The 360 g/m2 (2x 180 g/m2)-thick photo paper (matte) is very sturdy, and very resistant to fingerprints. This is why it is ideal for extraordinary gifts or collections of great moments. Any Pixum Photo Book with photo paper (matte) comes with a professional lay flat binding.

  • Premium paper extra matte

    Pixum Photo Book with extra matte premium paper

    We recommend our extra matte premium paper for an extraordinary presentation of your photos. The high-quality 160g/m2 paper combined with a splendid hardcover will represent your memories more finely.

  • Premium paper glossy

    Pixum Photo Book with glossy premium paper

    Your Pixum Photo Book is printed on high-quality 200 g/m2 premium paper and is then coated with a special gloss. This kind of laminating leads to an elegant touch for the paper and makes the colours shine - the perfect presentation for special occasions. Your Pixum Photo Book with premium paper (glossy) will keep its luxurious touch for a long time because the coated paper is very stable and resistant to dampness and filth.

  • Premium paper matte

    Pixum Photo Book with matte premium paper

    The very strong premium paper matt gives your photos a particularly matt appearance, which makes the photo book insensitive to light and reflection. The weight of the paper varies depending on the cover of the Pixum Photo Book. The premium paper matt has a grammage of 150 g/m² for the soft cover photo books, 200 g/m² for the hardcover photo books, 250 g/m² for premium linen and faux leather photo books. Premium paper matt is available for 9 photo book types. The premium paper matt is particularly suitable for photo books, which are often used since the high UV resistance and the true colours promise a long photo book life. it's also not sensitive to fingerprints. The premium paper is FSC®-certified*.

Our premium paper types in combination with hard and soft covers are FSC®-certified. This paper comes from sustainably managed forests and thus supports responsible forestry. For more information on our FSC® certification, please see here.