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Inspiration for your Pixum Photo Calendar

Here you'll find tips and tricks on how to easily design unique and creative Pixum Photo Calendars.

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Photo calendar: useful tool or decorative element?

Before you order your Pixum photo calendars, you should first make a decision: Should the calendar be used for more decorative purposes, such as gracing your living room or your hall, or would you like to use the calendar to organise your family appointments, upcoming birthdays and fun-filled holidays?

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A photo calendar as a decorative item

Compared to a classic photo poster on the wall, the photo calendar has some advantages: You can, for example, make regular changes to which picture see and you do not have to limit yourself to one photo. Often a photo calendar for the next year is also a popular and creative Christmas gift for the whole family.

The Classic wall calendars, in A4 or A3, are particularly suitable for decorative calendars: the photos or collages take up most of the space and the monthly overview is rather small. The desktop calendar is also suitable for your work area - as a stand-up calendar, as a decorative element or simply as an aid when planning ahead. Work on your photo calendars directly via the browser - here you can give each page an individual layout for your photos or just choose to print one picture per month. Use the plus sign to increase the number of images, add some text or even a QR code.

All your meetings laid out nicely in just one place.

An alternative to the decorative photo calendar is the communal date planner: Here you and your family can enter all important appointments - That way, you'll always have a good overview of what is happening over the coming weeks. The kitchen calendar and the year planner are particularly suitable in A3 format. The latter option has the special feature of having all the dates for the entire year spread out before you.

With the kitchen calendar, your photos don't fall into the background - they're placed according to your own layout and you can easily access numerous pre-created templates from the Pixum range.