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Inspiration for your Pixum Photo Calendar

Here you'll find tips and tricks on how to easily design unique and creative Pixum Photo Calendars.

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Test the photo editing features for calendars with Pixum's Photo World software

A photo calendar gives your photos a beautiful frame. If you think that your photos might need to be corrected slightly before you add them to a photo calendar, then there are numerous photo editing features in our Pixum Photo World software to help you do the job.

The software allows you to edit your calendar photos before having them printed and sent to you directly

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to create a marvellous photo calendar, we provide tools which allow you to edit your photos with the Pixum Photo World software.

The advantage is that you can switch between different tools and you have the possibility to edit everything from image processing to layout and design, all by using the Pixum Photo World software. So it is much easier for you to combine, experiment, change your mind or try something totally new. Keep working on your photo until you have the perfect result. With this software, you can edit your photos as well as order them as a canvas print, a poster for your bedroom or any other photo product.

Use the photo edit tools of our Pixum Photo World software

You can edit your photos as soon as you paste them into your selected calendar. Double-click on the photo you want to edit and a new window opens. This is called the "Photo Viewer". On the left side, you will find a whole series of image editing tools. Both small adjustments and corrections, such as a stronger contrast or colour effects such as sepia, can be accessed. It's child's play! It is also possible to make your photo look like an oil painting with a stylizing effect, or you can create new impressions with interesting distortions.

Pixum tip

Helpful tips from Pixum
  • In order to see the full range of possibilities at your disposal, it is recommended that you try as many features as possible for your photo. Any action can be quickly and easily undone by using the Back button.
  • Why not combine the individual effects? For example, first select the charcoal effect, confirm with 'Ok', and then apply the sepia filter. You will be amazed at what you can do with your pictures. If you've made a mistake or you're not satisfied with the result, you can restore the default values of your photo with just one click.
  • Use the 12 pages of your calendar and play with all the possibilities offered up by our photo processing features.
Of course, the edited photos look particularly good when they are as large as possible and in focus. Select a subtle background for heavily edited photos. Your photos will really steal the show!
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