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Create your Pixum Wall Art

Hanging your wall art: here's how the railing system and mirror plates work

For every Wall Art, Pixum can supply you with the right wall mounting upon request. This step-by-step guide will show you how to mount your picture with ease.

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Step 1: Selecting the right place

First, consider where you want to hang your wall art. There are plenty of possibilities on how to hang up a wall art, for example in a gallery-like style, in the Petersburger style or as a single picture at eye level. In any case, make sure you hang up your piece using the golden section, which means you have to hang the wall art at a height of two-thirds.

Step 2: Applying the picture hangers

Whilst the rail system comes already pre-assembled, mirror plates are already partly attached. Sometimes you have to install them yourself. This allows you to decide whether you want to hang the wall art in a portrait or landscape format depending on the image. Remove the backing film and press the self-adhesive side of the sheets onto the back of your wall art, one in each top corner. Since the mirror plates can only bear some weight, they are only suitable for smaller formats up to a maximum of 45 × 30 cm, as well as for panoramic formats.

Find the material that suits you most

Find the material that suits you most

Your Wall Art in just a few simple steps

Your Wall Art in just a few simple steps

Step 3: Mark out the wall

Hold the picture on the wall ? it would be wise to have another second person there to help you. For your wall art to hang straight, you should use a water level gauge to ensure that you are holding the image straight. Use a pencil or some chalk to mark the places where the rail system or the mirror plates should be attached. For larger wall images, you may need four dots, and for smaller wall images two may be sufficient.

Step 4: Prepare the picture hangers

Prepare the base for mounting on the wall:

  • Nails:You can hang up your wall art with mirror plates on two nails. Insert them into the wall at a 45 degree angle. This is so they do not stand out horizontally from the wall, but point diagonally towards the ceiling. For other heavier formats, you should use dowels and screws to secure the wall art.
  • Screws: Drill a hole at the correct height by using a machine drill. After you have successfully positioned the dowels in the holes, you can add the screws or slotted screws. Pay attention to the correct distance from the wall so that there is sufficient space between the wall and the wall bracket, but make sure that the wall art does not protrude away from the wall.

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Tips, tricks and help

Wall Art design tips

Looking for wall decoration ideas for your home? Need tips on how to integrate Pixum Wall Art into your home? Whatever you need - you'll find what you're looking for in Pixum's Wall Art design tips!

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Step 5: Hang up your wall art

Now attach the wall art to the nails or screws. Make sure the product is securely attached. Take a step back from the picture and look at the result.

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